Joey (my housemate) was wondering how to define “The sound from star wars, and a bunch of rap songs”. To start our research we dabbled in some word assoc. and a quick google. The result? The Deep Note [Odd name].

If you’re first reaction had something to do with your hair, click here

For the rest of us,

The THX logo theme consists of 30 voices over seven measures,  encompassing three octaves

Who knew there were 30 sounds happening at once. Kanye & Jon Brion worked that magic on Gone, the orchestral finale of Late Registration?

Oh.. and then ole’ James Moorer whips up a quick 20,000 lines of code. 

The score consists of a C program of about 20,000 lines of code. The output of this program is not the sound itself, but is the sequence of parameters that drives the oscillators on the Audio Signal Processor (ASP). That 20,000 lines of code produce about 250,000 lines of statements of the form “set frequency of oscillator X to Y Hertz”.

So.. next time you talk through those previews, stop, and listen. The Doctor is preaching some serious gospel to a 30 piece computer choir.

I just stole this from Wikipedia

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